Our support programmes

Living well

Living Well is a free cancer information and support programme that offers practical ways of supporting people affected by cancer to build knowledge, self-confidence and self-help skills. It is open to people with a cancer diagnosis, carers and whanau. Small groups are led by a trained facilitator and attendance is free.
The topics covered include :
• what cancer is
• the effects of treatment
• eating well
• relaxation and relieving stress
• looking after yourself
• communicating with your health care team
• dealing with family stress
• where to next?

Enrol in a Living Well programme now to
• get expert information on your cancer
• feel in control
• learn practical ways of living well
• find others in a similar situation.

Find out when the next programme begins near you, by phoning your local Cancer Society office .

Bridge To Health Survivorship Programme

Finished cancer treatment and ready to move on?

Many people find that cancer and its treatment can bring a host of challenges, from changes in body functions and appearance to managing the social and emotional impact of Cancer.
The Bridge to Health Programme, free evidence -based programme, helps you understand possible challenges and provides you with options that will enable you to live your life well. The programme offers four workshops and gives you the opportunity to connect with other survivors.

Bridge to Health Survivorship Programme

This research based programme is about life after diagnosis and treatment of cancer. This can be a challenging and stressful time.
The Bridge to Health Programme offers you the opportunity to regain wellbeing in your life, look at what you believe in, what gives you strength, meaning in life.
We also hope to help you make a long term plan for better health by:
• Learning how to take care of your physical and emotional health.
• Learning about the daily living issues of cancer survivorship.
• Learning to manage side effects from cancer treatment.
• Learning about creating a health plan with your GP.
• Learn to meditate and find a method of physical activity to suit you and your needs.

How it works!
• Ask your GP/Oncologist to refer you to Bridge to Health Programme
• Attend a 2 hour introductory seminar
• You select which workshops/existing Cancer Society services would best meet your needs
• Workshops include: Nutrition, Exercise, Emotions and Relationships

Support Groups

Facilitated Support Groups

A variety of support groups meet regularly.

Groups are advertised through promotional material and the website.

Anyone with a cancer diagnosis, their families/whanau and carers can choose to attend.
These groups have a facilitator -
• Carers Support Group
• Grief and Loss
• Breast Cancer
• Prostate Cancer
• Exercise / Walking Groups

If you are interested in any of these groups and would like more information please contact us.

Self-help Support Networks

Self-help networking groups provide the opportunity for people to discuss (in small groups) experiences and concerns with others who have cancer.

Some groups cover all types of cancer, and also welcome carers, family and friends of people with cancer.

Other groups are for people with a specific type of cancer, such as a breast care group or a prostate men's network.

If you are interested in any of these groups and would like more information please contact us at (local contact details)

Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better helps restore and enhance the appearance of cancer patients dealing with the side effects of cancer treatment.

Look good Feel Better aims to put a smile on the face of every woman with cancer, with support, guidance and free classes at a difficult time in their lives when they need it most. At Look Good Feel Better they understand that the way we look on the outside can have a powerful influence on how we feel on the inside. With makeup, skincare, skills and a positive attitude, the programme transforms the look and the outlook of over 3000 New Zealand women with cancer every year.