What can I do to help myself?

Many people feel that there is nothing they can do when they are told they have cancer. They feel out of control and helpless for a while. However, there are practical ways you can help yourself.

Diet and food safety

A balanced and nutritious diet will help to keep you as well as possible and cope with any side effects of treatment. Food safety is of special concern to cancer patients, especially during treatment, which may suppress immune function. The Cancer Society has published a booklet Eating Well/Kia Pai te Kai: A guide for eating well during treatment. This booklet can be obtained via the web address or 0800 number at the end of this booklet.


Many people find regular exercise helps recovery. Research has indicated that people who remain active cope better with their treatment. The problem is that while too much exercise is tiring, too little exercise can also make you tired. Therefore, it is important to find your own level. Discuss with your doctor or nurse what is best for you.  

Image below: Women taking part in Look Good...Feel Better workshop