How this booklet happened

This Samoan translation and adaption of the Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer booklet came about because of a need to reach Pacific women with breast cancer and their families. The aim was to provide information on breast cancer treatment and how others coped.

The idea of a Samoan translation of the Breast Cancer booklet by the Cancer Society of New Zealand was well supported by a prominent Samoan breast cancer survivor. The women of the Wellington Central branch of P.A.C.I.F.I.C.A took on the task of starting and funding this work, and making it possible for Samoan women with breast cancer to share their stories and experiences in Samoan.

In New Zealand, breast cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer registration in women. Pacific women in New Zealand are more likely to die of breast cancer than women of other ethnicities. Early detection and treatment of breast cancer can significantly increase the chance of cure.

This booklet explains what breast cancer is and how it is treated. It also explains that traditional healing or Samoan fofo can often complement hospital treatments.

The translation for this booklet was carried out by two Samoan health professionals who strived to simplify and aid the understanding of “Palagi” cancer concepts whilst preserving the meaning and character of the Samoan language.