Running For Grandad

Excerpt from Kendall's Blog | 8 Nov 2017


So we are now officially 10 days out until the Air New Zealand Queenstown Half Marathon. 

I thought things were getting real, but now that I am almost single digits out from the event, things are very real.

I have a total of $631.00* to give to the Cancer Society, I am not very far away from $1000 I would like to give, but again as I have mentioned before I am grateful for every cent already given.

On the 1st of November, Poppa lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. Pop passed away just a year after getting told he had cancer. He fought a good fight but lost in on Saints Day. Which is now known as Saint Owens Day. The 7th of November was Pops funeral, which I can gladly say from the many stories told on that day, he had the best life and the number of people that came to the funeral was amazing! The chapel only sat 120 people and there were people standing up and the doors were open so people could stand outside. The 7th of November was the hardest day. Saying goodbye to someone who has been in my life for my whole life, who has touched my life, and who has taught me many life lessons along the way. So now this run is to make Pop proud. Finish the race and do events like this more often.

So please if anyone has a spare $1 can you please donate. If not for me, for Pop as he has touched more than one of us throughout his life.

And Pop I will have a gin for you at the end of the run <3


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* As of 14 Nov Kendall has raised $816. Less than $200 from her $1000 goal.

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