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Diana Sarfati’s life work has been  to improve cancer treatment. Now the University of Otago, Wellington academic has six months to make a lasting difference. She talks to health reporter Mike Houlahan about her secondment as  interim national director of cancer control.

Otago Daily Times, 14th September 2019. 
Mike Houlahan

Principals back plan to cut vape flavours

Concern about a new generation of people becoming addicted to nicotine has prompted Otago secondary school principals to back the Government's plan to ban most vape flavours.

Otago Daily Times, 14th September 2019. 
John Lewis

NZ cancer survival near bottom, study shows

New Zealand is near the bottom for cancer survival compared with six other countries that have similar health systems, new research shows.

Southland Times, 13th September 2019. 
Author: Oliver Lewis


Central Otago car rally raises funds for cancer research

Channel 39 - Southern Television, 27th August 2019. 
The South Today

Cancer survivor gives back

Listen to your body: that is the message from a bowel cancer survivor who is now a volunteer for the Cancer Society.

Otago Daily Times, 27th August 2019. 
Author: Elena McPhee (

Cromwell mum beats bowel cancer

Being bold about asking questions and taking charge of your own health is key for a Cromwell local.

Otago Daily Times, 23rd August 2019. 
Author: Simon Henderson (

GPs 'reluctant' to refer for colonoscopies at Dunedin Hospital

Doctors are reluctant to refer potential bowel cancer patients to the trouble-plagued Dunedin Hospital gastroenterology department in fear a colonoscopy request will be declined, a local GP says.

RNZ, 21st August 2019. 
Author: Mike Houlahan and Elspeth McLean for the Otago Daily Times

Research: Troubling gap facing cancer survivors

Kiwi cancer survivors are facing big challenges returning to work, suggests University of Otago research pointing to a potentially huge health problem in New Zealand. The team behind the small pilot study plan to explore the suspect gap further in a new $2m, five-year cancer research programme, announced today.

Otago Daily Times, 20th August 2019. 
Author: NZME